Prophesying Meetings

30 07 2017


  • The exposing of the enemy must be matched by the revealing of God.
  • We need to come to God in the mornings because He is.


  • The sheep doesn’t even belong to the shepherd.  
  • The church is the flock of God so we shouldn’t have an attitude of lording it over anyone.
  • Shepherding = visiting
  • Shepherding is a cooperation

2-Bay Condition Trib Calculator

22 06 2017

For all you structures people out there, I tried to look for a 2-bay condition trib calculator but couldn’t find one so I made my own.


2-Bay Condition Calculator

Prophesying Mtg in Peoria

18 06 2017
  • During Thanksgiving we saw the direction of God’s move (Body, Bride, and Kingdom), now we see what the move is.
  • What is the present truth today?
  • The present truth is the Lord’s recovery which is God’s economy.
  • How do you have a high and awesome wheel next to you as a full-time mom?
  • What does it mean to have the New Jerusalem as our goal?
  • How important is it for Christ to be the Spirit in relation to God’s move

Summer Memoirs

18 06 2017

Korea (5/26-6/11)

I was at the office till 9:30 pm working on a stupid job that I was overbooked for.  Then I had to drive to Evanston to stay with my brother.  I got there at 12:30pm and I was wondering if I was ever going to make it to Korea.  I got like 1 hr of sleep but my neck was killing me because I just went to the chiropractor.  But after getting to the airport, all was good.

Not counting our arrival as Day 1 but met Jamie’s family at the airport and went the the basement for some Korean Chinese, same restaurant Ahseon and I went to last time.  Then got some shaved ice.  I was able to get 6:30 pm bus tickets because the earlier times were sold out.  We took the bus to GwangJu and had a pleasant little reunion.  I hadn’t seen Ahseon in 2 weeks.  Went to the Damyang Spa Hotel got settled and fell asleep in like 1 second.


Day 1 – Woke up early to spend time with the Lord around 7:30am.  Got breakfast at like 9 with Jamie and Joseph and mom.  Pretty good Korean breakfast.  Went to the meeting hall with Ahseon’s dad and uncle for the wedding.  Had lunch and lingered with the saints.  So sweet.  Then Ahseon and I went on a little side trip to a mall in GwangJu.  Returned some clothes they bought for me and bought some clothes.  Got some green tea ice cream in the basement.  Read a little bit and went back to Damyang for dinner with Jamie’s extended family. Afterwards just hung out and went to sleep.


Day 2 – Jamie’s family came over for breakfast. Late to the table meeting in GwangJu. Left before the love feast to have lunch at Persimmon House with dok galbi. Then went to a sister’s coffee shop. Then rested and went back to GwangJu for a love feast with the saints in Ahseon’s parents old district.  Fellowship and singing afterwards was sweet.IMAG1800

Day 3- All the days in Damyang we have brunch around 9:30am.  Jamie’s family and mom go to the spa in the morning.  Today we went to Metasequoia path to walk around.  Then we went to Paris Baguette for shaved ice.  Jamie’s dad and my  mom get some glasses.  Then we went to Bamboo Forest to walk around.  Then we go to GwangJu and have sashimi because some saints (Emily’s family) wasn’t able to make the wedding so they invited us for dinner.IMAG1804IMAG1810

Day 4-Hanock villages in JeonJu after brunch, about 1.5 hr drive.  Walk around and visit the museum with king’s portraits.  Saw the first catholic church in Korea.  Had some traditional shaved ice.  Bought some bookmarks.  Had Bibimpap because this was where it originated.  Then went back to Damyang for fried chicken for second dinner.IMAG1812IMAG1813

Day 5-Fried Chicken shop owner invited us over for coffee.  We also went to a traditional snack store for Jamie’s mom.  Then we went to KwangJu to go shopping for clothes.  Then we took the saints who helped out for the wedding out for SamuelTang.  Good fellowship with Isaac.  Full-time serving sisters were sitting behind us with Ahseon.IMAG1815



Day 6- I believe all we did was first go to a wood shop for awhile in Damyang.  Then we went to the mall again for Jamie’s family’s last day.  We had some appetizers in the basement (green tea ice cream, dumplings, etc).  Then we went back for dinner (korean beef, etc).  I might have missed something but hopefully I can put together a slide show with all the pictures.

Day 7- Sad to see Jamie’s family leave today.  We sent them to the bus station at 3 am.  Came back and slept a little.  Ahseon and I went to GwangJu for coordination.  It was overflow from the memorial day conf.  Then we went to go visit a dormant family with the saints there.  They have the practice of visiting on Friday afternoons.  Then we went to the bank to see Ahseon’s cousin.  Then we went to the vet to see Ahseon’s other cousin.  We went to cafe DropTop both times to get them coffee.  Then we came home for a small home meeting at Ahseon’s house.  There was one new sister that the saints there are shepherding.

Day 8-Now it’s just our family and Ahseon’s family.  We went to Metaseqouia again and walked around the square.  Got dumplings and rice doughnuts on national doughnut day.  Then we went to Damyang lake and did a little hike.  Then we saw Ahseon’s cousin and her boyfriend at the coffee shop overlooking the lake.  Then we went to GwangJu for the college meeting and the young adults coordination.  College students reading 1 ch a day in the NT.  We all ate fried chicken and korean chinese food for dinner.  Ate second dinner at the young adults coordination.  Sang a few hymns and read a portion of Gen 1-2.

Day 9-LD meeting in Damyang.  There were only a few saints.  We had love feast afterwards.  Then we had to leave quickly to drive all the way up to ChunCheon.  Driving on the highway was interesting but we got there at 7pm to the meeting hall.  Got a tour of the meeting hall by brother Paul, full timer, and we met Brighton or MyungWon there as well.  Then we followed Paul and MyungWon to the restaurant for DukGalbi with Esther, Brighton, Joseph, Kyle and Daniel.  Afterwards we went to Cupola overlooking the city with Joseph and Brighton.


Day 10-Went to the student center for breakfast/MR. Then went to the saints’ coffee shop.  Met Serena there.  Then we went to Nami Island via ferri and walked around.  We didn’t want to eat there so we had a late lunch of cold noodles and bosaam, at a supposedly famous place.  That region is known for these cold noodles and the DukGalbi.  Afterwards we went to Cafe Droptop overlooking the city and got some coffee with Daniel’s family and the full-time sister serving in Chun Cheon. After that Serena went to take the bus home and we drove to YongIn in the traffic but we made it by around 7 I think. We had dinner at Rebecca’s sister’s house and sang some hymns.  Very sweet time.


Day 11-We went to Minsukchun in the morning.  A bigger traditional Korean village.  That was actually pretty cool.  There were 3 shows that were really cool: traditional farmers’ dance, tight rope walking, and horseback riding show with skilled weapons demonstration.  Rebecca met us there and we walked all the way in to get lunch.  The food court was pretty awesome.  Then we walked out and visited FTTS.  Got a tour of FTTS and sat in the TA office and talked a little with the overseeing brother.  Got a picture with the FTTS-MA saints.  Got to interrupt the 2nd year trainees and they sang to us! Saw the 1st year trainees studying in the cafeteria.  Then walked back to David and Sena’s house for an early dinner.  Samgyapsal party it was so good.  Then we had dessert and Sena was telling us her testimony.  Rebecca and Brighton had to leave around 7:30pm and Sena also went to an appt.  We went to Emart briefly and just chilled that night.



Day 12-Ka itmchaTang for breakfast it was so flavorful just next to Sena’s house.  Then did some shopping (Mall for Jo’s jacket and Daiso). Then I forgot if we did something else but I believe we went straight to Seoul and Ahseon did some marriage document stuff for Inseon.  Then we went to a street market type of place and met up Serena.  Walked around checked out the street shops.  Ate dumplings and soup for dinner.  Had some shaved ice and then we took Serena to her brother’s.  Got a night tour of Seoul national University.


Day 13-Picked up Serena at the subway station. Went to Bukhansan walked around and saw one of the main gates.  Went back to Mom and Jo’s hospitality for a bit and ordered fried chicken.  Then we got it delivered at the Han River.  Had a little picnic.  KyoChon chicken is so good! Afterwards we parked back at the hospitality and took a bus to another street shopping district.  Ahseon had to do some more marriage document stuff so Serena, Jo, Mom and I just walked around for a bit.  We we ended up at Paul Basset Cafe in a mall near the late afternoon to chill.  Then Serena had to go.  We went to MyongDong after that and went to the largest Uniqlo in Korea.  Then walked around and got some street snacks and bought some cheap bags.  Then we had a spicy korean soup for dinner and pizza.  Got back around 9:30pm and Rachel Woo’s parents came back with  our hospitality.  We talked a bit after that


Day 14-We made a side trip to visit Rachel’s parents place for 30 min.  Then we had to pick up Serena and Jo and Mom and drive back down south.  We stopped at a rest stop for lunch.  They have the nicest rest stops.  Then we dropped Serena off in JeonJu.  Then we went to GwangJu and chilled at a coffee shop while Ahseon did marriage documents stuff again.  Then we went back to Damyang for the homemeeting.  The song that stood out from that night was 無論何往,放膽舉步,


Day 15-We had a samgyapsal party at Chicken Shop owner’s house. Probably the best meal yet i dont know.  Then we went to GwangJu to do some shopping.  Then we went to a nice restaurant in a hotel (chinese korean food).  Mom wanted to treat everybody on this last meal.


This was our last meal in Korea which was the next day for lunch at the airport.  So sad to leave.  I want to come back soon.


Cooperation with the Ascended Christ in His Heavanly

28 05 2017

Prophesying meeting in GwangJu South Korea today

  • No cooperation no propagation
  • When we cooperate then we have the abundance of life
  • There are 2 keys to cooperate with the heavenly ministry: exercise our spirit and have the dividing of soul and spirit

The Preparation if the Bride Part I

21 05 2017

Notes from this week’s prophesying meeting (an extra special portion this week as the table meeting and prophesy meeting was extended by the Holy Spirit by 15 min):

  • How is the bride prepared: The Lord prepares the bride, the ministry prepares the bride, the wife prepares herself.
  • Two words that summarizes this week’s portion: maturity and building
  • Rev. 19:7 contains the feeling of joy in the universe at the wedding of the universal couple
  • Two other words from this weak: ready and prepared
  • There’s going to be a major wedding of a universal couple but how much consciousness do you have of it?
  • A major part of the beauty of the bride is the building up

The Revelation and the building up of the Body of Christ in Ephesians

14 05 2017

Notes from the prophesying meeting in Normal:

  • God’s transmission is producing a masterpiece
  • How is it possible that man could become the fullness of God?
  • The epistle to the Ephesians is a shepherding word to build up the Body of Christ